Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tommes upstate continued

The Tommes upstate are maturing nicely. The environment in the cellar seems optimum. They have developed a nice natural rind, which I wash occasionally with a 3-4 % salt solution to get rid of to much much. Here are various stages over a period of approximately two weeks. The cloudy mold is Geotrichum candidum, added this to only one of the two cheeses.

While washing one of the cheeses, a little piece broke of, which gave me the opportunity to have a early taste. Well, it tastes very promising to say the least. I am very excited and can hardly wait, but I will give it another week.

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chris said...

I love the way you are not scared by molds but facinated by them. I have found that molds improve the flavor of cheeses no end. What do you think of all the scare stories about toxins produced by molds? Some people are frightened by them and go to great lengths to get rid of them. Washing off the rind would not be a solution if they do produce toxins as they would be absorbed into the cheese.
I have never had a problem with eating cheese with mold. However, who knows what it might be doing inside you? Hopefully it is harmless!