Tuesday, February 10, 2009

St. Paulin

On January 9 I made a St. Paulin, also known as Port du Salut, after a recipe from Kosikowski's book "Cheese and Fermented Milk Foods" Volume II Procedure and Analysis. Here is the result three weeks later. The cheese has quite an open structure because I did not press it. I have been washing the cheese regularly, first with brine with Brevibacterium linens added to it and later with brine without the bacteria. The smear is developing but as with the Epoisse cheeses, it has been slow going. The temperature in the cave has been below ideal for optimum growth. But with spring coming and rising temperatures, the atmosphere in the cave will change for the better soon.

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Damon said...

Thanks for sharing the instructions! I was thinking of making a brie but I love Port Du Salut! I am gonna make this one instead!