Thursday, November 5, 2009

Batch 101

Just out of curiosity, I counted how many batches of cheese I have made so far. I have kept records of all my batches. Turned out I have made exactly 100 batches of cheese. Time for an improvement. 
I have seen several cheesemakers using a number system to keep track of their cheeses. Every batch has a number which is pressed in the wheels from that batch. I have been meaning to implement this system as well. Although I only make cheese in limited quantities, my current system has once in a while lead to some confusion.  So I cut some numbers from some plastic milk bottles and put this in the bottom of the mold at the final turning. Et voila, batch number 101. This is obviously hard to do for lactic cheeses so for now I will have to stick to my old tracking system for these batches.


swh said...

Congrats on no. 100. I have been following your great blog for a bit now. I have been into pretty serious cheese making for a year or so now and find your successes (and failure) great to watch relative to my own progress

Ellen said...

Love your blog. I have dairy goats and have been making the run of the mill goat cheese, which I love and life on. But your willingness to experiment is fantistic! Any good book recommendations?

Yaldwyn said...

Thanks for the great comments. I hope my endeavors are inspirational and maybe slightly educational.
Recommended books: for goat cheese: "The Fabrication Of Farmstaed Goat Cheese" by Jean-Claude Le Jauon.
General cheesemaking, all aspects (highly recommended) "The American Farmstead Cheese" by Paul Kindstedt