Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheese making

A while ago I was overcome by the sudden desire to make cheese. Milk had gone "bad" in the fridge and started to smell like cheese. I love cheese. Suddenly I was intrigued by the process of fermentation. I was urged by the desire to uncover the mystery of the making of cheese.

Well, here is the first attempt. I followed the directions from a recipe from the site of David B. Franhenhauser Ph.D. :

I used raw cow's milk from Connecticut. It can be bought there legally. Here in New York state it is difficult to get because it can't be bought legally. I did find a source since and am excited for my future cheese making endeavor.

The temperatures in this first attempt were a little higher than in the recipe, so I ended up with a harder cheese. Since I now understand the importance of the temperature I have been more careful in my later attempts.

The curd in the whey

Draining the curd

The milled curd

The cheese in the press

The cheese is salted to cure the rind

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