Friday, January 9, 2009

St. Nectaire

Here is an attempt to make a St. Nectaire style cheese after a procedural description in "The French Cheese Book" by Patrick Rance in combination with some information taken from "French Cheeses" by Masui and Yamada.
I used 10 gallon of raw Jersey milk and inoculated the milk with half a teaspoon of MM100 and one eight of a teaspoon Geotricum candidum 17 after which I heated the milk to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I added 7.5 ml rennet half an hour later and let the curd set in about 55 minutes.
I cut the curd into mais size particles and let it rest for five minutes.
Keeping the temperature of the curd at 90F, I firmed up the grains by stiring for 45 minutes. I drained most of the whey, pressed the curd in the vat, cut the curd mat into 2 inch cubes and transferred these cubes to open ended moulds lined with cheesecloth. I pressed the curd down by hand, gently at first, gradually more firmly.
I pressed the curds for 10 minutes at each side before taking them out of the moulds for salting. I dry salted each face with 1% of the cheese weight and put them back in the hoops to be pressed for 12 hours before turning and pressing for another 12.
After this the cheeses are dried for a day or two before moving them to the cave for ripening.

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