Friday, January 23, 2009

Unknown cheese

I have been going through my binder, trying to find the notes which go with this batch. It is becoming really confusing with all these small batches of lactic type cheeses to match the proper notes to the batch. I should come up with a better system.
But I think I have found them for this batch.  Clearly made on December 7, the pictures show the cheeses in various stages of development.  Although my notes say that I inoculated the milk with Penicillium candidum, a wild blue mold is trying to get the upper hand. This makes me suspect that I might not have used P. candidum. I have another sheet with notes from a batch made on the same day. These notes do not mention the use of P. candidum. It was from a batch made after a recipe in the St. Marcellin style. Perhaps it was that.


A Wolfe said...

We are really enjoying these cheeses! Your hard work and experimentation is much appreciated.

What's in a name? said...

What do you do with all your cheeses if you don't sell them? Or do you?
Love your site - inspiring!