Thursday, July 9, 2009


I haven't posted anything recently as I've been occupied with other things. I did make some cheeses and will write about this in the next few weeks. Right now I would like to add another topic to this blog. Soon after I started making cheese I began to consider the idea of starting a small creamery. The cheeses I had made were well received, even cheesemongers spoke encouraging words. I have enough land in upstate New York to build a cheese making facility. The area is full of dairy farms where I can buy milk. I don't plan to produce my own milk as this would involve starting a farm which would need a lot more capital and is an entirely different endeavor. There are still plenty of dairy farms around and they can do with a boost--some of them are suffering badly from the low price of milk. In fact a lot are on the brink of extinction. 
 I've begun to think of a business plan but haven't decided on a name as yet. These are the names I'm considering  (no particular order): Dunk Hill Creamery (this is the name of the hill); using my own name-Vulto Creamery, or I could name it after the stream: Dry Brook Creamery (lots of water at present) or Pricklebush Creamery (the local name for the rosebushes which crowd out untended fields), or Walton Creamery (after the nearest town). I'm still pondering and hope the name will evolve with help from others.


Thomas said...

I like Vulto Creamery the best. Whatever you call it, the setting is beautiful.

Jordy said...

That's awesome. My vote is for either Vulto or Walton.

AntonV said...

I could write a few words about the choice of name, but "what's in a name ?" What would the consequence of the village-name do if there would be another creamery in that town/village ?. Same if it where not on the hill if the building (I suppose it will be in a building)would be in a valley of yur land ? And what about naming if after a brook if it is called Dry Brook. Even when there is water streaming in it ? And then calling it after some bush (flower)that isn't even native in North America (not originally, that is). I belief you that it grows in the wild, but I also know that there grow much more beautiful plants (flowers) on your ground. The name Vulto covers the name and it cherishes also your ego, work and all your efforts and love of labour. You mentioned to have some sort of help in finding a name for your creamery. A bit arrogant perhaps you would want to chat about it with me, but anyhow, here are some thoughts about it from me, a bit too philosophically perhaps ?

AntonV said...

What is a creamery ? I wondered since English is not my native language. In my diary it is a shop or any place where one can buy dairy products, and that would include milk, butter, yogurt etc.
Knowing "your thing" I assume you only plan to sell cheeses ?

AntonV said...

I am not negative about your plan. On the contrary !

I just have some big wondering thoughts about it. I am very very curious about your business plans, not in financial terms but questions such as when the creamery (shop) will be open for the villagers or the scarse tourists, only during weekends ?

As a kind of hobby and still having a job in Brooklyn ?

Last but not least, I want to say your cheeses tast delicious and taste as a one of a kind, I have eaten them, but what you e.g. call Gouda cheese doesn't taste like Gouda at all, nor like the Gouda from the Dutch supermarkets, nor do they taste like the Gouda cheeses made by Dutch farmers on their farms.

This is NOT an insult, your cheeses taste much better and I suggest you give your cheeses a name of there own :)