Thursday, August 20, 2009

Curd Cutters

Recently I made some new curd cutters. I have been using a knife to cut the curd but I found it very difficult to cut the curd to small particles. Most cheeses require the curd to be cut into rice grain size to drain out the whey.
To build the cutters, I welded some stainless steel frames and stretches stainless steel fishing wire across. The wire isn't very tautt but the thickness of the wire makes it stiff enough to cut the curd. It works great.


Jessika said...

Very nice! What size cheese pot or vat is that? So nice that you are a handy welder, I especially like that SS lever press you made.

Thomas said...

Impressive. Looks like a great tool.

Steel Profiles said...

Good work. I think this was a great idea. It seems that you are very innovative person.