Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheese Aging Room

Finally ready, the cheese aging room. This cave like space, under the Brooklyn sidewalk, is connected to the basement where I do some of my wood turning. As shown on the first photograph, I never utilized it. It was just a useless space filled with junk. Being about five feet high, four feet wide and seven feet deep, it wasn't very use full. But wondering where to store my cheese, I realized that this space might be well suited for this purpose. Not many apartments in Brooklyn have a cold cellar and I did not want to store it in a refrigerator. So I cleaned it out, stuccoed the walls and tiled the floor. Hopefully, it will keep a constant temperature and humidity over the summer to keep my cheeses. Right now it is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 C) with a humidity of 80 %.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, this is amazing! I am a cheesemonger at Provisions in Fort Greene. Do you sell your cheese? Please email me at I cannot believe you do all this right here in Brooklyn!