Saturday, December 27, 2008

Smear rind cheese

These cheeses I made on November 19, intending to be small smear rind semi soft cheeses. The wheels vary from two and a half to three and a half inch and are rennet coagulated. They were all from the same batch but in the afinage I separated them in two. The wheels below have developed a smear rind, the Brevibacterium linen is clearly recognizable by the orange color. I have smeared the rind with my fingers before turning them every two days, hereby spreading the B. linen, making sure they are well established.
The cheeses in the top picture, though from the some batch and inoculated with the same cultures and yeasts, have been left alone apart from the two day turning cycle. "Wild" moulds and yeasts have established themselves on these wheels. The blue Penicilliums seem to have the upper hand. I am curious what the final outcome will be.

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