Thursday, March 5, 2009

Larger cheese vat

A few weeks ago I got another vat. During spring and summer I make cheese upstate as well and I did not want to travel back and forth with my cheese vat. I bought an 80 quarts stock pot, twice as large as the one I use downstate. I had to balance it with a pebble on the stove.

Here is the first time it is in use.

the milk in the vat

the DVS (direct vat starter) culture on top of the milk

checking the temperature

checking the flocculation

flocculation has begun

the curd is cut

cooking the curd

checking the pH and temperature of the whey

pressing the cheeses


another miracle


What's in a name? said...

Just beautiful!

ben said...

New to cheesemaking, greatly enjoying your blog. Envying your gadgets. Are you happy with your pH meter? Any advice you can offer when shopping for one?

Anonymous said...

WHere did you get your 80 quarts stock pot and how much was it? It is stainless?

Yaldwyn said...

Yes, stainless, got it at the Bowery in NYC, forgot price, perhaps 140USD