Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cheese Board

Here are a few cheeses I took out when some friends were over recently. I won't describe them all, just a few words in general and some more words about the ones in the pictures below.
Most cheeses were made over the winter from cows milk . I don't have access to goats milk in winter. The goats have just started to lactate again.
The cheese below I made mid February from Jersey milk. This cheese was made in the style of Mont d'or/Vacherin. Although it doesn't resemble any of these types cheeses I have had in France, I did achieve my goal of making a runny buttery cheese. Some of my friends hailed it the champion on the board.
The cheese in the picture below was made from Holstein milk in the style of Chaource. At the time of cutting the cheese it was 12 days old. It had a smooth milky flavor and a definite undercurrent of the farm.


Thomas said...

Those look fantastic! This makes me want to start experimenting. So far I have only done fresh mozzarella.

Madame Fromage said...

Seriously? These are from your basement? You blow my mind.