Friday, June 4, 2010

Coolbot Continued

The Coolbot is working, hurrah. It turns out to be the little miracle device I had thought it would be.
When I first installed the unit, I had misinterpreted the instructions. But with the generous help of the inventor/maker/seller, we finally got it to work right. It has been running the air conditioner for a week now and it works great. It keeps the room at the desired temperature and the humidity level stays at about 95%. This is much better than before. It already cut down the mites population, so the cheeses are save and I don't have to move them upstate.


Emma said...

Congratulations on getting the Coolbot up and working correctly! I am looking forward to seeing what you have being produced in the cave.

Paul said...

Jos, first of all, it's been some time. I haven't seen much of you, hope you're doing OK and that your creamery thrives. Vicarious thank you, as you've inspired me on my cave with the coolbot, and 20 lb gruyeres ready to go.

Had a question - not sure if you're seeing these anymore - but with the AC running even on low, I'm not getting a decent RH. This, despite an UH, an evaporative wick cool mist, and two smaller humidifiers, same technology. No higher than 77%. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any, Jos. Stay well.