Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stainless Steel Lever Cheese Press

I made a stainless steel cheese press from some scrap material I had lying around. I got fed up with the pressing system I have been using. It doesn't press evenly and it is hard to adjust. I have a two wooden lever presses but they are both too small to press the cheese I make but to large for my kitchen. 
The stainless press is fully adjustable. I can raise or lower the pressing stamp. The pressing force is adjustable by adding or removing weights or by moving the weight to another notch. I can also easily transport the press. I'll report back after its first use.


Anonymous said...

your stainless press looks sweet. would you happen to have plans? thnaks, bryan

Yaldwyn said...

No, sorry, just copied a design I found online and came up with my own dimensions.