Tuesday, June 9, 2009

St. Paulin

A few weeks ago I cut into the St. Paulin I made in January. I used the procedure from Frank Kosikowski's book "Cheese and Fermented Milk Foods, Volume II: Procedure and Analysis." Although the cheese does not look so great, it does taste good. Precisely like a St. Paulin should taste like; mild and buttery. It turned out a little too salty to my taste, though others didn't mind the saltiness. I checked my notes and compared them with the recipe. The cheese had been too long in the brine. I do try to be moderate with the use of salt. In "The French Cheese Book", the author Patrick Rance keeps complaining about cheeses being too salty. "I am all for moderation" he said about the amounts of salt being used while salting St. Nectaire cheeses.

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