Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bloomy rind 2

Made on November 4, my second attempt at a bloomy rind cheese seems to age better then the first. That one, shown in the last picture, had a strong bitter taste and was very runny. It was probably not drained enough and the surface of the cheeses too wet when I put them to age. It might also have had too much starter. On top at it all, I had put them in the cave where the humidity is 100% and over. This also might have contributed to the wetness of the paste and the development of a bitter taste.
Therefore I have put the new batch in a refrigerator where I can control the temperature and the humidity is between 85 and 95 %.

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AFazzinoGrimaldi said...

So the cheese is delicious. A creamy oozy outer layer and a dense cakey inside. Very reminiscent of Jasper Hill's Constant Bliss. Do you know that cheese? What is new? -Allison