Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here are the cheeses from the previous post after a week in the cave. On the third and fourth picture you can see some fur development. I presume this is the Geotrichum candidum. In the last picture, a 4x enlargement, there are some grains visible in the top left corner. Perhaps this is some crystalized salt.

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Hope Hall said...

Great blog! The pictures make me so hungry. I am also working towards a creamery! It is so much fun making cheese isn't it? After feta, chevre & Mozz, I am now going to see what I can do with some aged cheeses this fall. Any tips for crottin based on your experiences? How did the ones ou pictured end up tasting? I am waiting for the white mold in that mail, so am using this time to research! I have no cave so I am getting a fridge set up. Happy cheese making.