Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lactic cheese

Made on March 6 from raw Holstein milk, with Choozit MM100 and Aroma B as cultures. I sprayed thge batch after two days with a mixture of water and Geotricum candidum 17 and Brevibecterium linens and aged them in the cave.
The cheeses turned out wonderful. The paste is firm inside, becoming creamy towards the edge. It's a fresh tasting cheese, almost sweet with hints of mushrooms and a clean barnyard.


AntonV said...

What the hell is that ? This was my first thought when reading the words "Lactic cheese" ? The word "lactic" is derived from "lactose" which more or less related to milk and is'nt all cheese made from milk ?
I did some online reserach and found on is has something to do with the production of lactic acid bacteria and rennets. But to tell the truth I still don't understand fully, perhaps you can eleboratate.

Jenn said...

Mmmm. Another great one. How do you adapt your fridge to age your cheese? I'm just getting started and have only made fresh cheeses. Any suggestions?