Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some more good cheeses

Here are two more cheeses I have put the knife into. The one above is my favorite. It has a full nutty flavor, perhaps slightly too ammoniac, it obviously had reached it's prime before I started it. It was made April 13 which makes it about 60 days. 40 To 45 days would probably have been it's peak. This cheese was molded without pressing, made at the same time as the cheese below except that I must have washed the rind with Geotrichum candidum. Although I kept records, I did not keep them for all individual cheeses of a batch due to beginners panic.

The cheese below was also molded unpressed but washed with Brevibactrium linens. You can see the mechanical cavities. The cavities in the cheese above look to me like mechanical as well as from gas forming bacteries. It also shows some Penicilin roqueforti mould which it picked up from some neighbouring blue mould cheeses. Anyway, back to the orange cheese, it reminds me of a crumbly buttermilk if that makes any sense.

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