Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tomme Style

Made on May 27, some Tomme style cheese.
I have found a new source for raw cows milk, just down the road. The previous farm I went to was 30 miles away, so this should prove a welcome change.
Here is the first batch of cheese I made from this milk. I made four wheel, one of 3, two of 2 and one of about 1 pound from 8 gallons of milk. I used Flora Danica as a starter for two of the wheels and the same mesophilic and some thermophilic culture in the other two. I cut the curd to hazelnut size and cooked it to about 99 F for half an hour.
The top two pictures show the curd being pressed using bottles filled with water. Note the copper draining tray with spout in the second picture. I made this recently and it should make the draining and pressing much easier.
The third and fourth picture show the cheese in the aging room. In a week or two, the rind should start developing mold.

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