Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tomme style cheese

Made on June 26 2008

6 Gallon of raw Holstein cows milk

After sitting for a few days, one can clearly see the fat floating on top.

Pouring the milk

I used two pots two make two cheeses. In the largest pot I poured four gallons of milk and the remaining two I poured in a smaller pot. I added 3/4 tsp of CHOOZIT 100mm starter to the larger amount (B1) at 94F (34C) and 1/4 of the same starter as well as 1/8 tsp Geotrichum candidum to the smaller amount (B2) at 90F (32).

After ripening this for 30 minutes, I added the rennet. To B 1 I added 3.1 ml and 1.5 ml to B2. I determined the flocculation time for B1 as 13 minutes and for B2 as 15 minutes. Due to the difference in temperature the flocculation times varied. As asked for in the recipe, I multiplied these times by three as the final curdling time.

I cut the curd to hazelnut size and let it rest for 5 minutes in the whey.

I cooked the curd of B1 to 102F (39C) and B2 to 106F (41C), both for 20 minutes. Both temperatures got to high, especially B2. It is quite hard regulate the temperature exactly on the stove top. The heat of the flame right under the pot is quickly absorbed by the curd on the bottom of the pot. Part of the curd got much warmer and started to shrink up and form a skin. I therefore expect a badly knitted cheese.

cooked curd

curd in the form

and being pressed

the follower

pressed once

some more weight added for a second press after flipping the cheese

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